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Dear Staff of College of Science……..

fadAt the Beginning,  I would like to call your attention to the success of the College of Science which resulted from the hard work and best efforts of the cooperation among us, so since my assuming the Office (Dean of College of Science), taking into account  the developments of the service, scientific, administrative situation and what developing programs  are required to it, for that I intended to document  the work tasks in files since 17/8/2014  to be an evaluate report for checking  what was achieved and what was not with indicating the reasons, and what work should be planned to upgrade that file in line with the need of the College of it.  Consequently, you can evaluate and getting conclusions for formulating new programs.

So I  managed to achieve the desired goal by putting  a work  strategy  stats that "the visions  and the goals"  of College of Science that it should  be productive because  it gives  a range  for the college  to evaluate and continuing   in  the competitive  opportunities  at  labor market, through investing the  available scientific skills and academic  expertise  in the college.

I presented my program according to these themes:    

1- Making efforts for the best investing for the College building to serve the educational process for the undergraduate studies           

2- Developing the technical abilities for postgraduate in the college

3- Presenting the service program which reducing the workload of the educational process and enhancing resources

So presenting the program from the technical matter was:   

1- Working on rehabilitating the laboratories of the scientific departments for under graduate studies which are classified according to their circumstances as follows:

A- Laboratories marked by credit hours, in in fact, there is no laboratory.

B- Laboratories defined by experiments, but the equipment are inactive or inefficient to help the student in achieving the experiment practically, or to learn from experiment's ideas and its objectives.    

C- Laboratories featured by experiments, but the devices are not enough to cover the number of the students.

2- Providing curriculums to the students of College of Science for all subjects and specialties, with emphasizing on canceling the notebooks or copied lectures, instead of that directing them to find the lectures at the Web site of the College

3- Finding  a section concerning with the specialized laboratories for the  postgraduates, to be a scientific  center specialized in research for both    students and teaching staff members, and  providing a space from departments for  undergraduates laboratories, so that it can possible to  get rid from partitions to support  the resources in the operational balance.

Also, there are big projects summarized as follows:

1- Rehabilitating the false ceiling of Chemistry and Biology buildings.

2- Maintaining ceilings cranes.

3 - Moving program of the library of College of Science with the periodicals and free education textbooks store to settle the block in the buildings which are belong to  the university precedency.  

4- Improving the general services (generators, lavatory rooms, roofs, and the ground, teaching staff canteen.

5- Maintaining gardens of College of Science

6- Building a classic fence for the college.

7- Unifying the locations of the cafeterias and stalls in the college without causing harm to the gardens, buildings of the College    

8- Identifying the getaway of the college by a cultural landmark

9- Following up the implementation of the cooling system of the new buildings 

10- Developing and supplying the productive botanical garden with the social services 

11- Investing the herbarium laboratory

All these steps push us to move towards a good step to promote the program of Quality and academic reliability of College of Science

To ensure finding a successful administrative structure, a study has been made to review the approved administrative structure in the college with distributing its functions and types of operating specializations in it.

In which context, a work meeting was held with the administrative staff to discuss the following procedures that assist in achieving the main goal:

1- Criteria of the successful administration.

2 - Membership and its importance.

3- Communicating among management sections.

4- Importance of the relation between the director and employees of the departments.

5- Importance of understanding duties with the desire to implement it.

6- Defining the modus operandi.

7- Planning and studies programs.

I am highly sure that the program will be completed and that makes College of Science/ Baghdad University deserves the good level of its authenticity and its well-name.

May God Grant Everyone to Serve Iraq.

Asst.Prof.Dr. Fadhil Abd Rasin

The Dean /College of Science    


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