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Wednesday, 23 March 2016 00:00



Biology Department  organized  the tilted workshop ( The World   Herbaria and its Methods of Collecting and Pressing  Botanic Samples ) at College of Science /Biology Department  in martyr Raad Al Moulah Hall , it was  attended by the Dean's Assistant  for Academic Affairs Dr. Ali Maki , besides  a large number  of the university staff with the   relevant authorities.


The Workshop Objectives:

- Informing the attendants from   researchers and teaching staff and professionals by


   the important of the Herbaria and plant wealth which were collected through the trips


   to use them in different  academic   research that included all field of Botany and other


   related fields .


-  pointing out the work procedures of how finding  the botanic sample witch is required to    test by the researcher.


- Trainings and explanations have conducted about the process of storing and pressing the botanic samples by assistance of the expertise   specific to the topic.


- showing the importance the Herbaria and its kinds beside the necessity of its association with the Plant wealth


- presenting the importance of    Herbaria in studying the stored   botanic sample instead of going to its   deployment areas particularly if it is the home area of the sample. 



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