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Wednesday, 27 April 2016 00:00


Within the scientific observations of Astronomy Department, many photos have been taken for the huge sunspot number (2529) that faced the earth on Tuesday 12/4/2016 by Astronomy Department/College of Science.

The Sunspots or solar flares are relatively dark and cold zones on the sun surface where temperatures cooling down to 500 in it, less than the temperature of the sun surface that reaches 5600 Kelvin, also they are characterized by its distinct solar activity, for this, we use these observations of the sunspots to study the sun activity in all its different stages, the spot has a large area about at least four times of the earth.

Note: do not look at the sun by using telescope or any lenses, never do it only with a specialized appropriate filter to block 95% or more of the sunlight ,it harms the eyes and leads to the absolute blindness.








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