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Wednesday, 27 April 2016 00:00

Within the cultural activities for Biotechnologies Department / College of Science/ Baghdad University, and according to the both instructions of the College Deanship with the Head of the department directions Prof. Moiad Sabri in urging the scholarships of the teaching staff members to give a lecture presentation about their research in order to go along with the scientific process through viewing the global research, asking questions, scientific debates between the researcher and the teaching staff who are interested in the research topic , these activities are conducted by supervising Prof. Gazi Monem Chairman of the Cultural Season Committee in the Department .

With the continuity of mentioned above Miss. Hala Abidul Kreem delivered the titled lecture about her dissertation:

"Development of Mouse Hybridoma Anti-Acanthamoeba Antibodies"

After finishing her Ph. D study in Malaysia/(Teknologi) University/Chemical Engineering College. These procedures were conducted in the main Hall / Biotechnologies Department , the following academies of teaching staff members and postgraduates students participated in attending the lecture.


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