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Monday, 28 April 2014 00:00


The Teaching Competence Committee at College of Science will interview the candidates for the following staff members on Monday 16/May/2016 at 9:00 A.M., in the main hall of Chemistry Department /College Of Science /Baghdad University:

- Natheer Basheer Mahmood / Physics

- Madeha Mohammed Shakir / Geology

- Saadia Othman Mohammed /Biology

- Ahmed Ayad Abdul Hameed/ Computer

- Falah Kadom Ahmed/ Physics

- Hiba Thamir Ahmed/ Mathematics Teaching Methods

- Esraa Mohammed Radi /Chemistry

- Laith Zohair Fadil/ Biology

- Aseel Salih Taha / Physics

- Zahraa Abdul Ameer Hussien / Physics

- Azhar Saed Hindal / Biology

- Aisha Solaiman Aobaid/ Biology

- Siham Majeed Mohammed / Biology

- Salwa Mohsin Hamed / Mathematics Teaching Methods

- Rasha Hasan Saddam / Biology

- Mohammed Esmael Shahatha  /  Mathematics Teaching Methods

- Bushra Mohammed Kadom / Biology


1- All the participants should prepare a lecture for (10) minutes in fields of their specialization in Arabic or in English.

2- The attendants must bring a copy of the their official university order  for  granting the academic degree  or the approval of certificate equivalence for those  who performed  their study aboard with a copy of the  thesis  or the  dissertation .

3- for the participant who failed s in attending the test   making  sure  for the new date for their next meet   which  it will be fixed  later.


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