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Sunday, 14 August 2016 13:13

College of Science/ the Environment Central Lab. held the titled symposium (the Biofuel) with participation of Prof. Kadom Mohammed Ebraheem /Al Nahrain University-College of Biotechnologies on Biology main gallery with the concerning of a large number of teaching staff and researchers by subject attended with the collaboration of Al Nahrain University-College of Biotechnologies through delivering the following titled lectures :-

Prof. Kadom Mohammed Ebraheem : "Production of Biofuel from Plant Residue"

Dr. Mahmood Khazaal Hommadi College of Engineering /Chemical Engineering Department : " Bioreactor design with technology for biological processes

Dr. Ebraheem Jabir Abid Biology Department/College of Science : "Scope of algae as third generation biofuels Chat Conversation End".




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