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Monday, 19 September 2016 09:04

Discussion of the entitled Ph.D. Dissertation " Study the Effect of Irradiation Lymphocytes and Viscosity in Blood Samples of Donors )"has been approved at Physics  Department , which was submitted by the Higher studies student Baida  Tahir  Siah,  on Wednesday 13/7/2016 , in the main  Hall of  Physics Department/ College of Science/Baghdad University, In the specialty of Medicophysics .

Committee of the discussion consisted of the following specialist teaching staff members:

Prof. Dr. Asia Hameed Hamed  / Physics, College of Science - University of Baghdad, (Head of the Debating Committee).

- Prof. Dr. Khalid Hadi Mahdi / Nuclear Physics /College of Education for Pure Science-Ibn Al Haitham  (debater member).

 - Prof. Dr. Ala'a  Fadil  Alwan  / Medicine Hematology / National Center for Hematology - (Debater Member)

 Assistant Prof. Dr. Nuhad Abdul Ameer  Salih / Medicophysics  /Babylon University-College of Science (Debater Member).

 - Assistant Prof. Dr. Mehdi Hadi Jasim  /Nuclear  Physics/College of Science-Baghdad University (Debater Member).

 Prof. Dr. Aliah  Ahmed  Kadom  /Physics / College of Science-Baghdad University (Debater Member)

- Assistant Prof. Dr. Ala'a Al Deen Modaffer Zobair/ Hematology Medicine / Al Mustansiryah University - College of Medicine / (Debater Member)

The discussion took place in the presence of a large gathering of faculty and graduate students and those who interested in this specialization.








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