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Monday, 05 December 2016 11:59

Within the cultural activities of Astronomy & Space Dept. Dr. Ahmed Abdul Razzak delivered a lecture about: (Tabby's star is the Mysterious star in the Galaxy), on the main hall of discussions in Astronomy Dept. Attended by many of the specialists and interested researchers.

Lecture Summary:

The lecture intended to identify one of the stars which is recently discovered in the endless cosmos , it is KIC 8462852, otherwise known as Tabby’s Star, referring to its finder in 11/September /2015 which has strange behaviors lately, due to its weird fast of luminosity fluctuations that it sends trough passage of time in a manner does not match the currently known theories concerning with stars development.

The unfamiliar act of this star up till now (the day lecture 18/October/2016) is unresolved issue and still controversial views , with taking into consederation it is the most case of growing argument premises in the scientific communities.

At the beginning of the topic, we showed the sun role, and presenting what is called (Kardashev Scale) for energy and its relation with cultural evolution. In the second part, we mentioned Kepler's Spacecraft to discover all about outer planets in the galaxy, then explaining the way of finding this star and its unusual act; it is really strange, besides to some information about the star's location and its mass, etc…..

The Third part, we illustrated the most important justifications submitted about Tabby’s Star behaviors, as well, reviewing the last presented research relating to the above theme in 11/October/2016, moreover, browsing summaries of the dozens of scientific articles that published in the media all over the world .

The lecture included the following main subjects:

First: the role of the sun and Kardashev Scale for civilization

-       Using the sun energy

-       What is the source of the sun energy?

-       How much energy does the sun produce?

-       What is the relation between energy and civilization?

-       What are the limits of using the energy?

-       Kardashev Scale

-       How to use the energy of a whole star? Dyson Sphere

Second: Tabby's Star

-       General features

-       Why controversies are aroused about this star?

-       Reviewing the global Publications and research from different establishments all over the world






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