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Tuesday, 06 December 2016 02:06

Within the sequence of the cultural activities of Astronomy & Space Dept. Dr. Ali Talib Al Robaie delivered a lecture about: (Method and Simulation Used to Detect Photons from Extra Solar Planets of a Host Star) , at 10.00 A.M. on Tuesday 22/November/2016 in the main debates Hall of Astronomy Dept. The presentation witnessed a large attendance of researchers from students and teaching staff who interested in this subject.

In below,  we show the overall summary about the subject matter of the lecture to help the readers have the capacity to comprehend this information:-

New proposed method has been introduced to detect photons from explants. This approach has the efficiency to observe extra solar planets incontrast with ratio of 10-14 and angular separation 4λ /D in the absence of Kolmgrove turbulence and reaching to 10-7 at 2λ /D in presence of such turbulence.




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