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Tuesday, 06 December 2016 05:42

Continuing Education Unit at College Science/ University of Baghdad declares with the cooperation of Biology Dept. to present its cultural season, the program contains delivering lectures to go along with the current world academic issues. So in the spirit of that Prof. Dr. Salih Mohammed Awad one of the teaching staff members at Geology Det. will be hosted to present the titled lecture:

(Medical Geochemistry of Iraqi Sulfurous Springs)

On Wednesday 7/December/2016, In the Hall of Martyr Ra'ad Al Maowla to raise awareness of this science by showing a brief definition about it , besides producing the importance of Medical Geochemistry as a new branch of Geology Science which borrows methods and approaches from basic Geochemical Science and applies them evaluating interactions between the environment and geology and humans (e.g. bone, gastric, lung and dermatological) to improve the life of all the iraqi people, the attending invitation is opened for all academic interests.


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