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Friday, 16 December 2016 07:36

To elevate scientific research in terms of production and creativity, Biology Dept. Within its cultural activities of the current seasons. It Presented the tilted academic lecture by Assistant Instructor Jinan Atia Gafil (MSc specialist at Microbiology):

                                         Publishing in the Renown Journals


Nowadays, there are a lot of publishers appear as scientific publishing foundations but in reality they put their commercial goals in its priorities, that keeps them away from the required scientific sobriety, those publishers drag the researchers in many countries including Iraq to publish in their journals without any authorized scientific evaluations, this process reduce the scientific value of research, of course these journals pretending the e-Publishing in the Internet for costly fees and loading the researcher high pay.

Considering to existing of the large numbers from these undisciplined journals with their rapid publishing and spreading in Internet, the uncommitted researchers may be fall under their temptations, besides this random publishing, non-intended publishing by researcher, and his lacking to the awareness of the trends of these kinds of both journals and their publishers. Due to these mentioned causes above, which make the researcher later, realizes that their tools to sort research are not based on academic rules and regulations, this makes committees of promotions ignore his scientific product which is published out of its right place.

Then, the researcher will loss the fruit of his product as well as the financial losses resulted from paying fees which it may be expensive, besides he lost his scientific idea itself, probably this direction of such untrusted journals that take the scientific appearance resulted in refusing its undependable research or it contains many of typos and technical errors with the ability of rapid publishing in it , consequently losing his efforts.


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