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Wednesday, 21 December 2016 12:54

Within the academic activities sequence  in the Central Environmental laboratory/ College of Science /University of Baghdad, for its current cultural season program  for the year 2016/2017, Dr. Saad Turki Mohammed presented the scientific tilted lecture:

Handling Foods Advantages and Disadvantages


Employees who work at food establishments are regarded the most significant factors effect on food safety and serving food, and the care comes as the priorities of determining the general framework for manners of food handling of different stages in the food chain which starts from receiving raw materials and handling them to get the final food product to keep consumer safety with clarifying the importance of requirements of health for the workers in food establishments to avoid many of pollutants that make the food unsafe from bacteria , fungus , viruses , and toxic chemicals , where they are the most poisoning causes of food poisoning .

We emphasize on right line and safety for the production processes of the food chain in the handling, also confirming on the quality and safety of food that served to consumer through limiting the errors sources that effect on food safety and determine the controlling styles for these dangers.

With the aim of helping the workers by increasing their knowledge at these establishments on health handling and safe food though the following steps:

- Identifying the causes and factors that lead to food pollution.

- Showing the abilities of protecting food from damages.

- Defining the health requirements that they must follow for the employees, and the safe procedures in handling food.

- identifying the different kinds of dangers that face the food during handling process.

- How to control the various dangers weather they are chemicals, physical, and biological for the purpose of producing safe, healthy food fit to the criteria and the legislation in force to stay healthy living.


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