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Monday, 09 January 2017 00:00



Within the cultural season of physics Department/ College of Science Baghdad University,  in presenting the academic lectures to raise society awareness ,  Assistant Prof. Salma Mahdi Shaaban delivered the titled lecture:


“Educational Guidance and Ways of Scientific & Future Progress for Student”


The lecture included an introduction about the importance of the university teaching with a  detailed explanation about the following thems:


-           Defining  what is meant by a faculty member


-          Procedures  that should be considered  by the teaching member at his entering to classroom


-          What are the tasks and duties for the teaching staff member at university 


-          The major fields  of teaching staff  work


-          Defining the basic teaching skills with a detailed explanation about the features of teaching and actions that can serve the educational process.


While the last part of the lecture was a complementary to the topic theme  in presenting  the procedures  which teaching staff should be taken them into  consideration in the educational  process  and   basic precepts to the success of  teaching process  with focusing on the conditions of effect teaching.



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