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Sunday, 15 January 2017 03:12

Qualifying & Employment Unit/ College of Science under auspices of the Dean of the College Dr. Fadil Abid Rasen started its programs by participating with its team work in the first workshop that was held by the Ministry/Department of Studies, Planning and Following up
with the cooperation of IREX (International Research & Exchanges Board), the workshop included many of training terms presented by a group of international trainers which help the College postgraduates to have a better chance in getting a job at labor market in the private-public sectors.

College of Science has the active distinct role in this workshop so it got the

Ministry recommendation and the Associate Rector for Academic Affairs represented by the Unit Director Mr. Ali Abdul Ridah Shkarah with the team work that consists of the following:

-       Dr. Wijdan Shakir Khayon / Physics Dept.

-       Instructor Jinan Mohammrd / Physics Dept.

-       Assistant Instructor Doha Abdul Hadi /Computer Science Dept.

We are the team of Qualifying & Employment Unit promise you through College of Science Site to do best efforts in preparing many of the training programs and will announce them later….. God bless the ALL.






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