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Sunday, 22 January 2017 02:21

 Within the cultural season of Geology Department/College of Science/Baghdad University,in presenting the academic topics ,Dr.Salih Mohammed Awad delivered the titled academic lecture :

The Medical Geochemistry for Iraqi Sulphur Water Springs

Lecture Target:

The lecture target is to show the possibilities of using these water springs and its clays for therapy, cosmetics, and recovery purposes.

Abstract :

The lecturer presented features of (15) water spring distributed in the middle and west of Iraq.

The results of the study show that:

- These water springs have a suitable temperature so they are included a lightly warm water or a low temperature water.

- The acidic function for them is balanced and it leans lightly to be Alkaline.

- presenting the total salinity of the ionic and positive concentrations for the heavy metals

- pointing out the Properties of clayey minerals from both the chemical and the mineral aspects to show the validity forthe  most of them in curing a lot of illnesses.

This science lies within what is called palynology and palynology therapy , it is a common known science in many of world countries like USA ,Europe, some of Asia countries such as China and Japan , these countries use clays and water therapy for their good features that affect positively on health ,it activate the hemodynamic , improve the performance of metabolism process and contributing in lowering high blood pressure, they give the patient a case of relaxing and relieving , the muscle spasm , arthritis,rheumatoid, some skin diseases, moreover , the possibility to use these waters and clays in cosmetics field like cosmetic products , moisturizer creams for skin , shampoos , skin lifting to remove wrinkles and defying aging signs.

The study recommended in taking care for these sulfur water springs and establishing a health tourist spas with world designs to build therapeutic tourism in Iraq .


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