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Wednesday, 25 January 2017 22:36

 Within the lectures and activities of the cultural season for the  Tropical Biological Research Tropical Unit /College of Science/University of Baghdad Dr. Mohammed Habir Laftah, delivered the titled scientific lecture :

Speared of skin Leishmania Disease in Iraq

 In the main hall of discussions of the Unit, the lecture was attended by a group of teaching staff members and researchers who interested in this topic.


 Human skin Leishmania disease caused by kind of Parasites called Leishmania spp endemic in Iraq, the current study included a statistical analysis for skin lieshmania cases recorded by The CDC (center for disease control and prevention) for the period (2008-2015) in Iraq. The total recorded cases for this period was 17001 (its range between 2.9 – 10.7 case for 100.000 people), the highest recorded cases were in 2015 (4000 case) the percent of the sick infection for males was (%50.8) it is more than the infection percent for females which was (49.2%) .

 The highest skin lieshmania infection watched within the age group (between 5-14 years) where it was (34.6%) while the lowest in the age group of (less than one year) where it was (4.3%).

 The highest infected cases was watched in the middle and west of Iraq (53%), on the other hand , the lowest cases watched in the north of Iraq was (1%) .

 The monthly spread for skin Lieshmania disease in winter was more than in summer

 This current study concluded that the infection of this skin disease is in increasing

 The aim of the study is to watch conditions of speared the disease in Iraq.




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