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Thursday, 16 February 2017 01:14

Under the auspices of the Dean of College of Science Dr.Fadil Abid Resan and of the Chairman of of Earth Science Department College of Science Dr.Salam Esmael Marhoon will deliver the titled academic symposium:

"Promoting Fossils Studying in Departments of Earth Science"

It will be on Thursday 23rd of February/2017 in the martyr Esam Al Rawi Hall. Knowing that the invitation of attendance is public for ALL who interested in the topic of the symposium…

The aim of this symposium is to communicate with the latest research relating to Fossils studying as well as  to know the modern methods that specialized in studying them to get the best ways for improving the reality of Fossils study in the academic field,  with applying that in the concerned establishments to contribute in solving the stratigraphic problems & biostratigraphy, these procedures require using the modern devices and technologies in identifying the existence of these fossils, therefore locating of the sedimentary environment will be conducted in an easy manner, less time , lower cost plus, the economic return will be calculated accurately for the Oil reservoirs and Minerals Deposits.



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