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Sunday, 14 May 2017 09:32

With the God’s help a PhD degree discussion conducted for the postgraduate Saif Al Deen Zaman Sahib at Biotechnology Department College of Science University of Baghdad for his titled thesis


"Vitamin D Status and its Receptor Genes Polymorphism in Relation

to Glucose Metabolism in Diabetes Mellitus Patients in Iraq"


The discussion  was on Thursday May5/2017 at 9.00 am in the main gallery of Biotechnology Department


The Discussion Committee composed from  the following academic experts teaching staff members :


-       Dr. Ali Hussien Edhyia / Immunogenetics / Tropical Biological Research Unit –College of Science/University of Baghdad/ Chairman


-       Dr. Salwa Hameed Nasir / Biochemistry/ College of Science-Al Mostansiria University /Member


-       Dr. Abdul Kareem Abdul Razzak Abdul Wahid / Biotechnologies- Genetic Engineering/ College of Science-University of Baghdad /Member


-       Dr. Abdul Nasir Mohammed Abdul Allah /Chemistry- Applied Chemistry/ University of Technology- Department of Applied Chemistry / Member


-       Dr. Ehab Dawood Salman / Biotechnology- Molecular Genetics/ College of Science-University of Baghdad/ Member


-       Dr. Hsien Fayad Sameer/ Clinical Chemistry/ College of Science- University of Baghdad/ the Supervisor- Member


-       Dr. Abbas Mahdi Rahmah/ Internal medicine/ Almostaniria University- The National Center for the treatment Diabetes and Research /  Co-Supervisor- Member



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