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Thursday, 01 June 2017 11:58

Geology Department College of Science University of Baghdad organized in cooperation with Continuing Education Unit the academic awareness workshop in the presence of the Secretary-General of geologists Union Mr. Sarmad  Mahmood 

(Science, Health and Society) 

This workshop addressed the effects of atomic radiation pollution on health and how to get rid of its negative impact and it included 3 lectures delivered the specialist teaching staff members of College of Science as follows:


-       Dr. Kamal Kareem expert in Geophysics delivered a lecture concerning in Radiation Effect and Cancer Diseases and how to get rid of these Diseases.


-       Dr.Najat Mohammed delivered a lecture in  Effects of Climate Pollution  and influence of the  ozone hole with the effect  of the Greenhouse on climate changes and its sources


-       Dr. Liha’a Al Temimi delivered a lecture in the topic of the Sudden Death for Mathematical Equations


-       Dr. Saad Mohie Tawfeek delivered a lecture in  the Chemical Pollution of Tigris River  and its adverse effect on individual  and society health


 At the end the workshop concluded with the following recommendations:


-       Using the renewable energy sources which their  invest still under the required minimum in both rich and  poor countries  


-       Searching for the practical solutions to deal with the plastic materials whether from primary industries or industrial recycling process


-       Limiting trees logging which they play an important role the balance of the gases rates in the nature 




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