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Tuesday, 20 June 2017 16:18

College of Science expresses its sincere congratulations and good wishes to University of Baghdad for its significant progress in the Global Qs Ranking for the best universities 2017/2018 where university of Baghdad respectively got the top of Iraqi universities list, and occupied the number 501-550 internationally , this academic achievement regarded for the mother of Iraqi universities as a result for the continuous flowing up and applying the good plans for raising the university to a prominence place

this completion is a world formal evaluation for efficiency and effectiveness of the teaching staff members and the students it is the emphasizing mark upon the university nobility and the long academic history , since it is distinctly an Iraqi success we are confident that university of Baghdad will continue its scientific path to contribute in raising the educational Iraq status and supporting all the criteria and foundations of typical education through promoting search and educational aspects to enhance the Iraqi universities positions locally Arab and worldly to strive for excellence


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