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Wednesday, 19 July 2017 15:29

 College of Science as an integral part of the society has been standing in line with the our army and the popular crowd in supporting them to defend our homeland IRAQ , Deanship of the College has participated in the central celebration of Baghdad University organized by Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research on the occasion of declaring Victory on ISIS and Mousl Liberation, the ceremony was attended by The General Secretary of the Council of Ministers Dr. Mahdi Al Allaq and Minister of Higher Education Dr.Abdul Razzak El Essa with a group of political and academic figures

The Minister stressed in his introductory statement that minister of Higher Education would itself take up the task of human building and values production which were disrupted in that dark period of time by this victory the Iraqis prove to the whole world their love to country and their association with each other, also Dr El Essa showed that the blood of the martyrs paved the way of victory and achieved the hope that so long waited by the Iraqis

This celebration included the following activities

-          - Screening a documentary film about restoring life to Mousel City

-          - Reciting nationalis poems

-          - Showing artistic activities about heroism of the security forces and public crowed in liberating Iraqi lands

-          - Honoring the satellite channels and media that participated in covering liberating Mousel








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