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Monday, 29 October 2018 02:46


In The Name of God The Merciful

In The Name of God The Merciful

It is my honor to take the responsibility for the head of the Chemistry department / College of Science.abd alkareem

I have a great sense of fear because of the great history of our department where embraced the members of professors of the science of chemistry, which I have been taught at all levels of primary and high educations, and from Adhamiya to Jadiriyah.

I believe in God to pay my efforts and my colleagues to complete the aim of the Chemistry department in all its branches in the optimal formula taking into account the high developments that have occurred, especially in nanochemistry, which has become the concern of scientists in all fields because of the huge breakthroughs in theoretical concepts and practical applications in the fields of industry Agriculture and medicine.

The most important things that we work in achieving the goals are:

Spread the spirit of cooperation and love, and the approaches of the teamwork between the researchers themselves and with the researchers from other departments.

Follow the modern methods in producing information and lectures for undergraduate and postgraduate students

Start using E-learning ways, which let the teaching of Chemistry to be more refined and updated information, and provide the students with extra related sources to avoid the threatened decline of the scientific level.

         With the bless of the God

Assist. Prof. Abdulkareem M.Ali Jebuer

       Head of The Deparment






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