The college organizes a scientific conference every two years in which the latest research is discussed through specialized sessions.

An important conference was held on March the 6th to commemorate the sixtieth birthday of the college.

The main themes of the conference covered all the college’s specializations. It also involved exhibitions for inventive achievements, departments, research, postgraduate research, the Consulting Bureau project as well as various exhibitions made by societies companies.

The Conferences, held or planned are as follows:

  1. The first symposium on (Geological studies in Archeology). 23rd March 2011
  2. A symposium of ( Mine geology in Iraq)
  3. National Physics Conference. 14th April 2010
  4. The first symposium on Petroleum Geology in Iraq 21st April  2011-10-20
  5. A symposium on (Earth quakes). 28th April 2011-10-20
  6. Specialized Iraqi Conferences on Oil Studies
  7. The first Scientific Conference on Biological Science on 6th March 2012.
  8. Baghdad's First Scientific specialized Geological symposium. march 18-19,2012.
  9. National Conference of Physics. November 7-8,2012.
  10. The First International Conference on Remote Sensing and Image Processing Techniques (RSIPT-1) 11-12 November 2012.




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