About Geology Department

The Departments’ Goals

  1. Preparing a specialist staff in Geology and its applications and making them able to discover the natural sources and the wealthy, and evaluate its spares.
  2. Teaching geology for the departments’ students and in other departments in colleges of science and in other colleges’ of other universities.
  3. Preparing scientific, professional and qualified staff to raise the industrial and scientific movement in the country through postgraduate studies.
  4. The active sharing in conducting scientific research to keep the environment and to reduce pollution in it, and the right use for the water, mineral and oil sources.
  5. Contributing in solving the industrial and scientific problems that serve the development in the country.
  6. Presenting the consultant services  for the private and general sectors in the specialized fields of geology   
  7. Improving the abilities and qualifications for the staff of geological  establishments  by holding  specialist sessions 
  8. Sharing in transferring the modern technology that applied in progress countries to our country.


The Graduate's Qualifications

The natural sources play an important role in human’s life in all aspects and civilized, continuous and scientific progress in all science that depend completely on natural sources or that made of them.

According to this basic, the geologist is the person who is qualified to explore and find the natural sources from hydrocarbon materials, minerals and water, for that, departments of geology in Iraqi universities make efforts to do their graduate students characterized by the following:

  1. Knowing the basics of geology completely with its sources and its complexes.
  2. Making the students able to discover the natural sources and their spare evaluation.
  3. Making the students understand the natural phenomenon like flood, volcano and earth quake and trying to stop their danger.
  4. Comprehending complex and the use of minerals in industry and using their alternatives for industrial sources.
  5. Protecting the environment and reducing pollution.
  6. The right use for oil, mineral, and water sources.
  7. Determining the characterizations and specifications of geotechnology for earth   which help in making low coast projects.

Services offered for society

Department of  geology makes  many  services that help society in exploring  oil and mineral fields ,environment studies ,construction and roads studies, engineering fields and  so on …

The Graduates' Future

The geological graduates  can serve their country in many governmental establishments like ministry of oil, ministry of  industry, ministry  of water sources, ministry of  environment, archaeological  ministry, housing ministry, establishments  of mineral, oil exploring and dams.

And also working in Ministries of Higher Education and Education besides, in many establishments according to work requirements because the geologist job enters in many economical fields for society.



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