About Biotechnology Department

The undergraduate studies of this department have started since 1999-2000.  The graduate students have granted B.sc, Msc. and PhD certificates since 1994. The department  aims to provide  scientific staff to contribute in presenting information and technical ,scientific consultant, and carries  out research  and applied them  in many medical, agricultural, and industrial establishments    besides, the private and mixed sectors  for  the important of this modern vital  specialization  in the country and all over the world.

The staffs continue in presenting their services for the country although, the hard conditions which our country passes and contribute by science and knowledge to serve humanity that started from the historical Iraqi role   in this field.

The Main scales of the Department

  1. Plant Biological Technology:   to deal with various  plants and extracts ,products plant cell complexes (minor  metabolism   complexes)  like drug  complexes,  Pesticides ,colors ,and complexes that enter in food industry and so on …… and invent adapting plants genetically to resist diseases and load Salinity through genetic, engineering, tissue agriculture.
  2. Industrial Biological Technology: to produce many enzymes and complexes from animal , plant and microbe  sources  with  their uses in various industrial fields and genetic adaptation  for these cells to increase  their production by using partial genetic technology.
  3. Medical Biological Technology:  to deal with micro biology in genetic  treatment , immune  , Pharmaceutical and medical fields

The goals

  • Preparing the scientific staff to support the medical, agricultural, industrial governmental establishments.
  • Presenting  scientific ,technological consultants  in private and mixed sectors

The services

  • Providing  society with the graduates that have  B.Sc in various  biological technologies and scientific level ( biological assistant) that they can work in health  laboratories,  and standardization and  controlling , drugs , and food industries .
  • Supporting the society with qualified instructors to teach in various universities on the country.
  • Supporting   society with postgraduates who are well-qualified   to work as searchers in various search fields that go along with the scientific progress in biological technology.

The graduates' future and the places of their work

The graduate can work in many agricultural, industrial and medical fields, Also they can work as searchers in many specializations of biological technology besides they can work in environment, agriculture, industry, health, education, and higher education ministries.




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