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Date of establishment of the department of mathematics is linked with the history of the foundation of the College of Arts and Science in 1949 (called the Department of mathematics and physics) where a small number of six students as a first batch. In 1952-1953, the department of mathematics became an independent department and headed by Dr Helmi Samar. The number of teaching staff was six members only.

According to the University Act No. 28 of 1958, College of Science was founded by scientific departments of the College of Arts and Science. The college   joined to the University with the rest of the colleges that existed at that time.

The teaching of the college was in English language until 1972. Arabizing curricula were started at that time, and then a decision was issued that only one subject in English in each year of the four years of the study was taught. Thus, the student departed the library because most sources books and periodicals were in English. The language of teaching for postgraduate studies in the department of mathematics has been taught in English.  The College returned two years ago to use English for teaching in graduate and postgraduate studies.

Teaching staff have made great efforts to develop the department despite their   limited number compared with the other departments. In addition, the most   subjects   they teach are   theoretical.  The department   contributed in teaching math to other departments in the College. The department is also proud of graduating a number of  PhD students who are  teaching staff now.


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