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Monday, 04 April 2016 01:29


Environment and Contaminated Foods

Under the slogan (For Me and for you: Safe Hygienic Secure Food), the Central Environmental Lab. College of Science Held the titled symposium "Environment and Contaminated Foods ingredients " at Astronomy Hall on 1/3/2016 in College of Science

Symposium Recommendations:

-                                                    - Avoiding the genetic-modified foods and the necessity of watching them in the markets and emphasizing on its safety for the consumer

-                                                               - showing the importance of the periodic checkup for each person through the health services to ensure of not infected by colorectal cancer or breast cancer for example

- Educating people by the importance of the balanced healthy nutrition and choosing natural foods contain vegetables, fruits, and anti-oxidants agents

- Culturing the citizens about the quality of the natural, processed, and genetic modified food, noting the nature of its ingredients through watching the labels and knowing the added ingredients for audible food, besides avoiding having canned foods as much as possible with noticing the manufactured for any product.

- Avoiding food products that contain additives and encoded with the symbol E-numbers which are usually refer to chemicals that have dangerous harm combinations.

- Encouraging the local investments and developing the agriculture to protect the consumer from the imported food products

- Informing farmers to the optimum use of agriculture herbicides, chemical and organic fertilizers to enhance the food product and it is free off from diseases that resulted from agricultural pests

- promoting cultural awareness of radiological sciences among the individuals of society through curricula, seminars, conferences, symposiums , and scientific research to create the scientific broadest possible base at radio activity field and its future effects and the ability of limiting its fetal carcinogen influences .

Lectures delivered in the symposium:

-                                               - Genetic modified foods and its effects

-                                               - Protecting ourselves from Cancer by food

-                                               - Radio chemical food contamination

-                                               - Added ingredients and food

-                                               - Influences of fertilizers on agricultural crops and human health